Energy Medicine Series with Angela Omulepu

Energy Medicine Fundaments

Sunday June 30, 2024; 12-4pm
Energy Medicine Fundamentals is a fun, embodied, immersive workshop that teaches the basic concepts of energy medicine, energy work, and/or energy healing. Angela’s teachings examine the nature of reality (ontology), are liberatory and grounded in social justice and radical collective healing. Angela’s perspective and work are trauma informed and expansive. Participants can expect to move their bodies, breathe deeply, laugh, cry, meditate, get into the love vibration, and so much more. This class is a lovely precursor to learning Reiki, a Japanese hands-on healing tradition. Joins us!  
Reiki Class All Levels
Three Consecutive Sundays:
July 7, July 14, July 21;
Reiki is a powerful hands-on energy healing tradition that is relatively easy to learn. In these immersive classes students will:
·       Receive Reiki attunements
·       Learn about Reiki, its history, concepts, and processes
·       Practice Reiki on each other & receive Reiki healing
·       Learn about and discuss psychic phenomena & ontology (the nature of reality) in the context of NOW post-covid, collective, trauma and the great turning, i.e. societal collapse
·       Learn about and practice Distance Healing and why it is important
·       Receive Reiki Certifications (for levels 1 & 2. Reiki 3 certification will require a certain period of practice before Certification is provided)
Participants should:
·       Take a COVID test before each class, and bring a mask to be worn during Reiki practice
·       Wear comfortable clothing, dress in layers
·       Bring a notebook or journal for note taking, writing utensil
·       For Reiki class, I ask students to bring snacks to share

Angela Omulepu is a wellness consultant, healing practitioner and change-maker who facilitates personal, organizational and societal healing through diverse healing modalities such as Reiki, guided imagery, non-violent communication, and creative writing.

?Her school, Reiki to the People, represents the intersection of spirituality and socio-political revolution. Ms. Omulepu's perspective and approach is shaped by her over 10 years of
experience as a union organizer and regional community organizer working for racial, social and economic justice.
Reiki to the People is committed to leveraging the energy of grassroots movements to help shift collective consciousness. It calls for a heightened level of engagement through sacred resistance and vibrational/energetic acuity.
Ms. Omulepu believes that healing society starts with healing the self—letting go of resentments, rewriting harmful narratives, and learning the language of energy. It is her strongly held belief that a critical mass of people adept at navigating the energetic plane can catalyze a positive shift–elusive solutions and creative new strategies will emerge, making equity, cooperation and abundance an achievable reality. In her heart, she believes that through Reiki practice and the exquisite attention to self-healing, we can change our world.

?Ms. Omulepu's love of art and creative expression is a driving force in her work. Author of a chapbook of poems entitled All's War in Fear and Love (2003), she is also self-taught painter who explores the human condition through interiors, landscapes and cityscapes. Her love for performance is also expressed in spoken word, improv and/or stand-up comedy. In addition to teaching Reiki, she offers a transformative class titled, Write to Heal. In this class, Ms. Omulepu works with students to identify and address issues associated with trauma, addiction, abuse and grief through creative writing.
Ms. Omulepu received her bachelor's degree in English from Cornell University (1998). She is currently completing her Masters' degree in the Integrative Health Studies Program at the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS). She lives in Oakland, CA.

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