Peer Support - The Proven Method Of Success

Our mission is to save lives, restore families, and transform communities.

Recovering Addict (RA), is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to relapse prevention and helping individuals and families recover from substance abuse and addiction. Our clients often come from backgrounds involving addiction, crime, poverty, unemployment, and homelessness.

Our mission is to save lives--not just keeping individuals from the grave, but truly restoring them to their families, friends, and communities. We offer long-term, free support to help individuals heal physically, mentally, and socially. By pointing them towards God, the true spiritual foundation for life, we inspire hope and transformation. Our peer support approach, statistically proven to be more effective than conventional rehabs, empowers individuals to achieve lasting recovery. We help people struggling with various forms of addiction, including drugs, alcohol, food, pornography, codependency, and more.

On September 20, 2024, we are organizing a special bike ride to raise funds and highlight the effectiveness of the peer support approach in our community. The ride, undertaken solely by LT, the president and founder of Recovering Addict, will cover the distance from Salt Lake City to Saint George-- an impressive 429.49 miles! Our goal is to use the funds raised from this event to support our operational costs and sponsor clients through our year-long relapse prevention program. Specifically, every $3,000 donated will sponsor one client through our comprehensive program, ensuring we can continue providing essential services and resources.  Additionally, the funds will help cover the expenses associated with the bike ride itself, such as equipment, food, and safety gear. 

We are seeking both monetary donations and in-kind contributions to support this event. Your contributions will directly impact the lives of our clients by funding essential services and programs, as well as the operational costs of our organization.

Support us in changing the culture of addiction recovery and spreading the message that peer support is the best way! 

Thank you for your time and support.


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