Birdy Hour with Dr. Eric Wood

Global Change, Biodiversity, & Conservation

The Wood Lab of Avian and Urban Ecology at Cal State L.A. is a group of conservation-minded individuals who work to understand the effects of global and environmental change on biodiversity. In his Birdy Hour presentation, Dr. Wood will share about the group's research - which is centered on terrestrial ecosystems - with the majority of their work occurring within the Los Angeles urban ecosystem. His team focuses primarily on avian and insect communities, and they use field data, spatial analyses, and quantitative approaches to provide applied outcomes for pressing conservation issues.

Dr. Eric Wood is an associate professor of avian and urban ecology in the Biological Sciences Department at Cal State LA. His research is focused on ecology and conservation, urban and landscape ecology, and bird migration phenology. He teaches Diversity of Life, Ecology, Field Ecology, Ornithology, Ecosystems of California, Quantitative Ecology, and upper-division urban ecology courses. 

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