2024 Well Said Mentoring Program

By Route 7 Orlando

What is Route 7 Orlando, you might ask? Route 7 Orlando is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization founded by a network of gentlemen with the desire to develop both ourselves and our communities. We are dedicated to holding one another accountable while working toward our goals and contributing our time, talent, and resources back into the community. One of the most significant ways we are fulfilling our mission is through our youth mentorship program called Well Said.


Well Said is a 8-week after-school program that educates youths (ranging from middle to high school ages) in the fundamentals of public speaking. By using the power of words, this fresh new program inspires students to possess the self-confidence to clearly articulate their wants to all audiences. Empowering young people of color to uplift their own communities using our three core values: enlighten, entertain, and uplift!


Since 2020, we have partnered with the Levy Hughes Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida to offer this FREE opportunity for youth of the Parramore community. Many of the youths we mentor come from financially disadvantaged families. That is why we are reaching out to you to join us in supporting our youth in the form of monetary support toward providing meals and program supplies for students each week. We know that a hungry student is a distracted student, and we want to ensure that every student gets the very most from their experience.


Well Said is guided by a committed group of volunteers and currently, our only sources of revenue are from organizational membership fees and donations received from generous individuals like you. 


We invite you to partner with us in supporting our community’s youth with this unique opportunity.


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