Carmen Torres & Linda Nathan Tribute Art

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Assist us in paying tribute to BAA's co-founders, Linda Nathan and the late Carmen Torres. We've engaged artist Cecilia Vasquez to create an 8x12 foot abstract piece in the school lobby featuring two roses as a symbolic representation of Linda and Carmen. This artwork, projecting abundance and generosity, will serve as a lasting reminder of the meticulous care and advocacy demonstrated by both leaders for the school and its students. 

We are in the process of raising $25,000, and a generous $10,000 challenge match grant from BAA alum Carmelo Aresco will double donations, dollar for dollar. Kindly follow the link to contribute to this cause with a tax-deductible gift. 

Your generous contribution guarantees an invitation to the dedication and reception scheduled for 2024 (exact date pending).

In the words of Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., "How can you know where you're going if you don't know where you've been?" We urge you to give generously to help preserve Linda and Carmen's legacy at BAA.