2023 Year End Generosity

Support Our Sangha - Insight Western Mass

In times of conflict and great difficulty, taking refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha takes on greater meaning. We deeply value the path our practice opens for listening, for curiosity and learning, for deepening awareness of our internal landscape as well as of the world around us, and for the cultivation of peace and wise action.

We create this refuge through showing up, and we create it through financial support. Financial donations make possible the infrastructure from which we offer the refuge of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha accessible to all, regardless of ability to donate. We ask now that you consider a special year-end donation, helping to strengthen our foundation as we enter the new year. Please give as much as you can; no amount is too large and no amount is too small.

If you would like to donate with a check you can mail it to: Insight Western Mass, 116 Pleasant Street, Suite 242, Easthampton, MA 01027. If you would like to make a stock gift, please write to us at [email protected].

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