Join Marilyn Monroe for an interactive mystery show where you are the detectives! (Come in 60's attire if you dare!)

It's the 1960s, and JFK is president. He believes someone is trying to steal his prized coconut, which saved the lives of him and his men on PT 109 during the war. He keeps it on his desk in the Whitehouse.

But tonight, JFK has invited all the suspects to Marilyn's Caberet Lounge and has asked Marilyn to uncover the culprit and his/her motive.

Marilyn can't do it without help, and that's where Verde Santa Fe Homeowners come in! Help her solve the mystery for JFK and win 1st prize of a $100 gift card! appetizers will be served. Drinks are available for purchase at Lalo's. Tickets are $25 per person.

Please check back soon!


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