BioFab - EcoMaterials

BioFab: EcoMaterials

Instructor: Abby Aresty

2 Part Workshop: Saturday May 18th + Saturday May 25th | 10am-4pm

Learn to cook up your own bioplastics and natural leathers from scratch for use in any creative project. Using basic eco-friendly ingredients, we will create a collection of biomaterial samples and explore potential applications using a variety of fabrication techniques including cutting, stitching, and more! Week 1 will focus on fabricating the biomaterials while Week 2 will explore ways to utilize them (biomaterials need at least a week to cure in-between). No experience required and all materials included. Please join Praxis for this new and exciting workshop!

Instructor Bio: Dr. Abby Aresty is a sound artist based in Oberlin, OH. Her work investigates the sounds of a wide range of materials from electronic textiles to home-cooked biomaterials.

BioFab: EcoMaterials

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