Expand Animal Rights Now (EARN) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Our mission is to protect and expand the legal rights of animals and the people who care for them in the SoCal region. We do this by:

1.     Helping people learn their rights and how to assert them to protect themselves and their animals.

2.     Using the courts and court of public opinion to make changes to the outdated, out of touch SoCal animal laws.

3.     Intervening in so-called “dangerous” and “vicious” dog investigations and representing animals and their families in hearings, appeals, and court cases.

4.     Seeking justice for dogs shot by police, and drastically reducing shooting incidents.

5.     Providing support for small rescue groups.


Your generosity covers costs of advocacy and information efforts; representation during investigations; efforts to release dogs from improper impoundment; preparation and representation in hearings, appeals, and court cases; out of pocket costs, travel, and much more.  


Unjust or Improper Actions by Animal Services

Many times a day, dogs are accused of being “dangerous” and taken from their homes by Animal Services. Incredibly, mere accusations are usually enough; verified proof isn’t necessary. Some dogs are impounded for months (or much longer) while awaiting a hearing, with the costs charged to their human families. Many dogs face the threat of execution, and some are actually executed—sometimes, without following proper laws or protocol.


Most people don’t know that when an Animal Services officer shows up at their home (after someone complains), they have the right to refuse access to their home and dog without a warrant. They don’t know they can insist that their dog be impounded at home instead of a shelter for the mandatory “10-day rabies quarantine period.” They can even refuse to speak with officers until they get legal representation or at least until they have time to collect their thoughts and get friendly advice.


Most people also don’t know that Animal Services conducts the investigations, controls the freedom of any dog impounded (think: possession is nine-tenths of the law), acts as judge and jury in the hearings, and even runs the Appeals Board. An actual, impartial judge never gets involved until/unless someone files suit in court after losing an appeal.


Very many times, the cases against these dogs are blown out of proportion, inaccurate, or outright false. We have heard, multiple times, of officers trying to scare or threaten people to hand over their dogs.


In short, so-called "dangerous dog" cases may seem mundane to some; but to the dogs and their families, they are anything but. Many people can’t afford a lawyer even if they were to know they have rights to assert.  


Your donations cover costs of emergency interventions; representation during investigations; efforts to release dogs from improper impoundment; preparation and representation in hearings, appeals, and court cases, out of pocket costs, expert witnesses, travel, and more.  

Support for Rescue Groups

EARN provides free legal and other support to small rescue groups. Our services may vary from emergency situations or one-offs to assistance with contracts or similar issues, and more, depending on the supported requested.

Help Protect Animals and the People, Like You, Who Love Them

Please donate now. Your generosity fuels the fight against the injustices that cause pain and suffering not just for animals but for their family members, who anguish over being able to protect them. These injustices are occurring daily all around us, with very little oversight and mostly out of public awareness.


Or better yet, make your voice heard and create your own Team Leader page (it takes about a minute); when you do, an email will be sent to you that you can forward and broadcast to your network of family and friends so they can support EARN as part of your team.

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