Monthly Series 2024

Finding Little Space

Join Ethan Haymovitz on January 28, 11 a.m. PT/ 2 p.m. ET  to explore his research "Finding Little Space: On the Significance of Non-Erotic Bliss in ABDL Identity."

Registration is free. We do request a $10 donation.

Historically, researchers and mental health professionals have considered paraphilic infantilism to be a form of sexual deviance, at best, and moral failing, at worst. Changing norms about sexual behavior, identity, and novel modes of communication and engagement have rendered these ideas quaint. Today, the Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL) community is actively engaged in providing mutual support, building a positive sense of identity, and realizing what it means to enjoy wearing diapers and living as a "little" in a world that is hostile to these values. In this pilot needs assessment, we applied concept mapping  methods and leveraged Artificial Intelligence (AI) to describe and analyze 20 ABDL gay men's statements about the experience of "little space" with the goal of better understanding what it subjectively feels like, how it begins, and what are its most important features.  Future research can help clarify what it means to experience little space, how it can be accessed, and its significance to the larger construct of ABDL identity and ABDL communities, more broadly.

Ethan Haymovitz's focus is generating new ways to leverage lived experience to tell the stories that often go unheard. He is most interested in neurodiversity, mental health, and sexuality. With have seven years of experience in social work education, 20 years of professional experience in macro social work roles, he is now entering the clinical domain, providing case management and social support group work to neurodiverse and gay ABDL communities.

This session will be recorded for registered attendees.

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