The 23rd Annual Perilous Plunge


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Perilous Plunge 2024

  The things we do for kids!

  The 23rd Annual Perilous Plunge will take place on March 9th

Gather your teams and join us for another wacky event to support the Redwood Discovery Museum!

What is the Perilous Plunge? Only the most fun you'll ever have supporting a nonprofit children's museum!

The Perilous Plunge sets the Redwood Discovery Museum's  budget for the year, and helps us provide scholarships, programs, exhibits, and more. The Plunge is how we are able to continue offering  fun, educational, positive childhood experience to Humboldt families and beyond. 

This wonderful and wacky event brings out the joyful experience of dressing up and being silly, all while supporting hands-on educational fun for children of all ages.

 Join the parade lead by Cal Poly's Marching Lumberjacks, jump into the bay, then head to the VIP tent for a soak in the hot tub, warm lunch, and a cocktail (21+) and enjoy the awards ceremony. Awards for Best Jump, Wackiest Costume, and more will follow the plunging.

  Participants can join a team or plunge individually. Collect pledges from family, friends, and anyone who would like to see you jump into Humboldt Bay for a good cause. Minimum pledge amount is $175 per plunger to receive a T-shirt. Individuals and teams can sign up at to start fundraising today! Once you have registered, post your badge to your social media, email your link, or ask for donations in person. 

How to Plunge:


Register as an individual or a team (of unlimited number) online at Plungers must be at least 18 years of age to register.


Collect Plunge Pledges from your friends and family (and any person who wishes you'd jump in the bay). Payments can be made at or collected in person. Each Plunger is required to raise $175 to receive a T-Shirt. If you are part of a team, your pledges must average out to $175 per plunger to receive a shirt.


3.Dress Way Up

Plungers tend to wear their Humboldt best at this community event. Costume is a category on which you will be judged. Teams may dress up with a theme or in matching outfits (or not!).


4.Get There

Saturday March 9th

8:30am- registration begins at Clark Plaza, 3rd and E Streets in Eureka. The earlier you get there, the sooner you can get in the water (and then the hottub!)
TEAMS: Please ensure all members of your team get registered at the same time. Please do not sign up without all members of your team present. This will help keep the flow of the registration process. 
Please bring any additional pledges you have collected, a dry change of clothes, and ID to confirm age (no underage drinking for the children's museum!) You will receive your Plunge T-shirt at the registration site and we will collect your dry clothes and take them to the VIP tent for you.

10:10am - registration closes

10:15am- Parade starts to the foot of F Street

10:30am- Plunge!!!

Right after plunging: head to the VIP tent for a soak in the hot tub, cocktail or beverage, and a warm lunch. Once you have recovered, you can change into your dry clothes in the changing rooms (we will bring them to the VIP tent for you).

5.Plunge and be Judged

Awards and Trophies will be given out after all plungers have had their turn. Awards include:  Grand Poobahs,  Rookie of the Year,  Best Jump, Best Costume, Best Team Jump, the Kayak Judges Award and Team Royalty.

6.Reap Rewards

  Our undying gratitude for supporting children’s hands-on educational fun here in Humboldt County.

 T-shirts will be given to all participants that raised at least $175.

A hot tub, cocktail (21+),  and warm lunch await the brave plungers when they get out of the bay.

 Trophies will be awarded to: Grand Poohbahs, Rookie of the Year, Best Jump, Best Costume, Best Team Jump, and more!



Please note if you are supporting a Plunger you will choose their name from a list during checkout. Thank you!

How would you like to support?