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All donations gratefully accepted. The best way to assist the

Alto Cayma Mission is by the following:

US-based donations may be submitted to Health Bridges International (HBI). All accepted donations will be earmarked for the the Compassion Fund in accordance with an agreement* between HBI and Vida y Compasión. Donations cannot be accepted for individuals, but rather the Compassion Fund as a general program. If you have questions please contact Benjamin Grass, HBI Director of Operations:

For international or local donations outside of the U.S. please contact us at for further information.

*Donations earmarked for the Compassion Fund will comply with an agreement between HBI and Vida y Compasión, in accordance with HBI's mission to improve the health and well-being of people/communities living in poverty through Advocacy, Collaboration, and Service. HBI withholds 10% of each donation for administration. 


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Patrick Gaab
Donation & Mailing list
Donation & Mailing list
Megan Moloney

Donation from St Therese Catholic Church family in Mooresville, NC -> for the single mom with four children that needs the warm water system on the roof for her family. The St Therese crew visited them on their recent mission trip. God bless!

John Rouse
Mailing list
John Rouse
Donation & Mailing list

I would like this donation to go to Vida y Compasion.

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