Skills Camp 303: Flight Academy
Do you know the difference between a Push, a Pop, and a Scrub? You will… Have you wanted to learn the proper way to jump so you can send it on a variety of jumps and terrain? If so, Flight Academy will clear you for take-off. In this 3-hour camp, we will build upon the progression of skills camp 202 focusing entirely on jumping skills. The Crankers purchased two NINJA mtb ramps and built a landing transition specifically for this course. We will start small and work our way up to bigger gaps and faster speeds, then we will take the kickers to the trail for the ultimate session.

Prerequisites: Riders must have completed skills camps 101 and 202. In addition, riders must have a solid command of the following skills:
1. body positions, 
2. weight transfer skills,
3. the ability to unweight the bike on flat ground (Front tire minimum, “bunny hop” preferred but not required). 

Not all bikes are designed for jumping. Basic bike check will be performed prior to the camp.If minimum skills are not met, participation may be limited. Camp limited to 20 riders. 

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This campaign has ended or is not currently active.
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