Yoga, Carnatic Violin, and the Ancient Bansuri

A Live Music Meditation(Ananda Nadayogi, Raman Kalyan, & Elizabeth Gergaud)

Ananda Nadayogi, Elizabeth Gergaud and Raman Kalyan joins Navatman for a Black Box Baithak. 

A transcendent journey only found at Navatman awaits:

Classical Indian music and yoga come together for this transcendent healing journey. 

The vibrations and resonance of the violin and the beautiful sounds of the Bansuri - a bamboo flute - led by some of the best musicians in the world, merge with chanting, singing bowls and more for a beautifully led meditative yogic journey.

A perfect show and immersive experience, calm the nervous system, mind, soul and more in this deeply unique journey with Navatman.

You cannot even find this in India, so come experience it with us here!


NOTE: Participants must bring their own Yoga Mat, Blanket, Bolster etc. for comfortable relaxation.

Artists: Ananda Nadayogi, Elizabeth Gergaud, Raman Kalyan

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