Fighting Childhood Cancer Together in Honor of Noah A. Halek 

The Noah Halek Strong Research & Awareness Access Fund 

Noah loved his life…he loved his family, he loved helping people and he loved experiencing new things. Our eight year old little marvel wanted to experience all that the world had to offer. While his interests included video gaming, Lego building and running like many other boys, Noah was also an old soul. He was drawn to cooking, gardening, and playing as much Chess as he possible could. His passion for life was beautiful to witness and as his parents we feel some comfort knowing he was a very content little boy.  

Unfortunately, we feel differently these days.  Noah was diagnosed on November 26,2019 with DIPG an inoperable and terminal brain cancer. The kind of monster one only hears about in movies, but we are here to tell you these kinds of monsters are real, and they devastate entire families every year. We know too many families that have been broken beyond repair and are left to wonder what life could have been like if cancer did not steal everything from them. DIPG exists at a time when innovation has made space exploration available to the highest bidders, yet there are little to no advancements in treatments for this number one killer of kids. Today the treatment is nearly the same as sixty years ago when Neil Armstrong’s daughter suffered this same fate. DIPG is 100% terminal upon diagnosis. Our desire is to advance research and awareness to provide children with a glimmer of hope to live their lives fully. 

During Noah’s courageous 7 1/2 month battle with this monster he faced so many devastating blows, never really fully understanding why but always so willing to live. It breaks our hearts thinking back at how life was so unfair to him and how it continues to remain unfair for so many amazing children.  That is why we must continue Noah’s fight for a cure! Arms Wide Open has graciously allowed us to work with them to fight childhood cancer and so we’ve created the Noah Halek Strong Research & Awareness Access Fund to help cut through the red tape that exists and help fund promising projects.

We will continue to fight for a cure and with your support we can take that fight even further.  Together, we can bring back hope.

Thank you in advance for your support 

Silvia & Antonio Halek


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