Cajun Dinner Fundraiser March 1st

The Gospel Changes Everything

You are invited to the first Cajun Dinner Fundraiser for Go Beyond Borders. Come, bring a friend, and here personally what the plans are for 2024 and beyond. The next Evangelism projects will be held in May and June in Croatia and Bulgaria. All proceeds for this event will go towards the Balkans Harvest plan. 

RSVP, come and enjoy authentic cajun food and help support Go Beyond Borders! 

There will be 2 gift baskets raffled at this event! 

What is the Balkans Harvest Plan? 

The goal of this plan is to go into villages in every region and every country in the Balkan Peninsula and bring the gospel of Jesus. We use local churches and work with them to share the gospel and assist their churches in growth and discipleship. These villages are remote places that are dying in and need of hope and life. We have a message that can help them. Our goal is to help local churches train up local believers to do the same and help reach their communities.


Please check back soon!


This campaign has ended or is not currently active.
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