Feb 24 Full Snow Moon Forest Bathing Walk

Bankhead National Forest

Join Anne Bailey and Janice Barrett for this Full Snow Moon Forest Bathing walk. The location for this month's program in the Bankhead National Forest will be revealed to those who sign up.

Want to learn about the benefits of forest bathing? Check out this article HERE, detailing the mental and physical health benefits of this practice.

The forest bathing walk will be a total walking distance of about 1.25 miles roundtrip on a trail that is unmaintained, uneven and sloped (gradual downhill most of the  way  in, gradual uphill most of the way out).  The route will be easily doable for most people who hike.  Bring lunch, snacks, drinking water, a journal and/or sketchbook and pen, a small pad or cloth for comfortable sitting or lying down.  A detailed list of what to bring and directions will be emailed to those who sign up.  Participants in this contemplative forest immersion will enjoy guided meditation, silence and suggested techniques for connection to the elements through the senses, deep rest, reflection and tea.  Group size is limited.
No dogs and no smoking, please.

General information:  Alternating between Friday and Saturday typically (but not always) on the last weekend of the month, Wild Alabama’s Janice Barrett teams up with writer and teacher Anne Markham Bailey, founder of Forest Bathing Alabama to offer walks in what the Japanese call Shinrin Yoku, or literally translated, wood-air bathing, or forest bathing. A forest bathing walk is not a hike but is rather an opportunity to open deeply to the awareness of being in the forest, in one’s self, and in the shared and sacred space. We move in silence, have opportunity for deep connection to the earth, the water, the trees and to our own interiority. Time for writing, sketching, movement or meditation is built into the schedule for the day which concludes with a sharing circle and hot tea.
For ages 16 and over.  Contact us for arranging a session with younger participants.
Please watch this short video by Anne Bailey about Forest Bathing.

For more information contact [email protected]
* Please note that registering for an event does not guarantee you a spot. You will be contacted via email to ensure your spot is reserved. If the program is full, you will be placed on our waiting list. 

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