14 Gates of Transformation with Paula Randall

Journey through the 14 gateways of the Saqqara Necropolis

Before you can walk the paths of the first pyramid at Saqqara, you must enter the Necropolis. A massive rectangular structure that hides the gateways within.Using journaling tools we will unlock secrets that each gateway holds, mind-mapping to uncover hidden obstacles, composting what has been holding us back, and stepping into the fullness of transformation.

Supplies: journal, pencils/pen, colored pencils, black felt tip sharpie, a blank sheet of white paper 11 x 14 if possible, or 8.5 x 11

Paula Randall is an animist minister, priestess, bard, artist and activist. She is an ARTivist - a term to describe one who uses their art as a way to inform and educate people about current issues. She has led circles, and meditations both in-person and online. She has performed up and down the Pacific Northwest coast, sat on interfaith councils and always looks for ways to contribute to her communities. She is currently based out of Northeast Washington.

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