2024 Teachable Tuesdays

Looking for a smaller, more casual learning environment? This year, COMBO is rolling out a new learning opportunity that takes the lessons onto the trail. Students will be able to focus on a skill of their choosing and work with a certified instructor to take the participant's riding to the next level.

Examples of skills would be wheel lifts, cornering, drops, getting over bridges and logs, or even a check in on riding posture and habits.

The trail of the month will be chosen closer to the date, students who register can offer suggestions for which trail is picked. The only requirement is that the trail must be one that COMBO manages such as Alum Creek, Chestnut Ridge, Great Seal, AW Marion, Star Hill or our latest addition Quarry Park in Marion.

July 9th - Alum Creek Lower Dam

August 20th - Alum Creek Lower Dam

September 10th - TBD

October 8th - TBD

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