Dances of Shiva with Taniya & Puneet Panda

A husband and wife Bharatanatyam Duet

Taniya and Puneet Panda are a husband and wife Bharatanatyam duet based out of Atlanta, Georgia. With over 60 years of combined experience, they love exploring duet work based on love stories of the famous gods and goddess of India. 

Dances with Shiva is an exploration of the facets of Shiva and Shakti, the dual energies that both create and destroy the world. 

This is a traditional style Bharatanatyam program with choreographies by the duet themselves and famous choreographers from around the world.

Taniya & Puneet's Bio:

Taniya Panda began her dance training in Toronto, Canada with Lata Pada. She moved to Chennai, India in her early teens and completed her arangetram in the vazhuvoor style under the guidance of Radhika Kalyani Rajasenan. She furthered her technique and learnt the finer nuances of the art form from A. Lakshmanaswamy and strengthened her abhinaya with training from Anuradha Jagannathan in Toronto and Smt. Vidhya Subramanian (Chennai). Taniya is also a Carnatic vocalist. She began at a young age in Toronto from Vijayalakshmi Seenivasagam. In Chennai, she took more intensive training from the acclaimed 'Veena Vidushi', Smt. Padmavathy Ananthagopalan and is currently under the guidance of Shri Kyvalya Chilla. Taniya has performed solo and in group productions in India, Canada and the US both as a dancer and supporting vocalist. She teaches Carnatic music and loves being part of the Navatman family. 

Puneet Panda With a classical, creative, and sincere approach to his craft, Puneet Panda is a vibrant performer with an effervescent joy for the inner realm of Bharata Natyam. He has performed extensively in India and the US. Critics have applauded his rare combination of energy and elegance while staying true to the tradition-bound purity of his Gurus, the Dhananjayans. An ophthalmologist by profession, Puneet is also a deft nattuvanar and has accompanied many artists. In his spare time he teaches young children basics of Bharatanatyam and enjoys teaching the finer nuances of the art form to more advanced students. Taniya and Puneet are primarily soloists who started dancing duets after their first child was born. They enjoy the challenge of blending different aspects of the two styles that they are individually trained in; such as the grace that vazhuvoor offers with the preciseness of the kalakshetra style. They have performed together in many festivals across the US and have also accompanied acclaimed dancers with their vocal and nattuvangam prowess.

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