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While our playful graphics may evoke a light-hearted tone, the importance of spaying and neutering pets is no laughing matter.  In fact, it is the number one way we can reduce the number of animals who suffer on the street and face horrific deaths.


Picture this:  multiple generations of cats or dogs within a single household, all because their owners couldn't afford vital spaying/neutering or basic veterinary care. 


This is a reality we regularly see. Innocent puppies and kittens are found suffering or families are reaching out because they have an unexpected litter and have no way to provide care for them. 


Calls for help flood in, day in and day out, reflecting a dire situation that used to be seasonal, but now never ends.  Desperate circumstances lead to desperate actions, such as pet dumping, which only exacerbates the problem.  It is a harsh reality, and in Wichita, we are drowning under the weight of over population.  


But we are not just bystanders.  Together we can make a tangible impact.  By making a life saving gift today, you can break the chains of generational pet overpopulation.  With your donation, you directly enable life-changing surgeries for pets in need.  This heroic act ensures fewer animals will face abandonment and more families can care for their beloved companions.


Your contribution isn’t just a donation; it is a life line.  It halts countless cycles of unwanted litters, easing the burden on overwhelmed shelters and allowing them to concentrate on finding homes for animals crying out for help.


Today, I urge you to take action.  Stand with us and fight the overwhelming and deadly effects of pet overpopulation.  Every single dollar matters and takes us closer to a future where every pet is cherished and provided with the care they deserve.


Thank you for your compassion and your value for those who have no voice.

Christy Fischer
Executive Director


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