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So if you made it this far, you are a few steps closer to reaching the "roof of Africa" with our team!  

Trip Details:

~Depart from Charlotte, NC on February 8, 2018 (+/- one day).

~On the Mountain from February 11-18, summiting on the 16th during the full moon.  Our guide, Daniel Pallangyo with Eastland Adventures, will be leading us on our journey.  

Estimated costs for this trip per person are around $2000 + airfare, however, the more participants we have, the lower the cost will be for each hiker.  

Each registrant is challenged to raise $1000 to be donated to the Eden project.  Anything raised in excess of $1000 will go towards your personal cost of the trip.  Once your cost of the trip has been paid for through donations, additional funds received on behalf of your efforts will support the Eden Project.  The top two fundraisers will be honored by holding the Wellness Warrior Foundation banner at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro for our Foundation's fundraising picture.

Interested in learning more about our trip leader?  Check out their website linked below!

Eastland Adventures Website

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