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It's our anniversary this year: SOCM has been fighting for people's self-determination in Tennessee for forty-five years. Yet today we are facing the greatest threats we've ever seen. The federal and state governments have become more blatant in their corruption of lack of accountability. It's our task as Tennesseans to build, expand, and multiply the forces of progress.

By organizing locally and for the long-term, SOCM is turning the tide. We've scored recent victories like forcing a smelly landfill to start an odor remediation program, successfully campaigned to stop a proposal to privatize two state parks, and defeated numerous school voucher bills. In the five years since our last anniversary campaign, we've opened an office in Rutherford County, hired new staff, and formed a new chapter in Davidson County!

We have a special goal of raising $45,000. This would give us the bump we need to expand two part-time staff into full-time positions and fund additional trainings with members. With all the new activity, our staff team is stretched thin trying to organize across the state. Staff coordinate, travel, train, and support members as they lead the organization. Trainings also allow for our organization to grow but maintain its character. We need your support to fill in these gaps. Our goal is to raise these funds by the Annual Meeting on October 7-8th!

We have found a match for every donation up to $45,000: Several anonymous donors have let us know they are willing to match every donation of any size up to our total – and therefore double it! We will actually be raising over $90,000 thanks to these generous long-time supporters, as long as we meet our goal!

We appreciate all that you do. It is because of people like you that we can continue our good work, raising people’s voices and empowering them to take action on the issues that affect their lives.

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SOCM's commitment to organizing state-wide in the South is critical for social justice!

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