Olympic Recurve Level 1 Class June - July 2024

The class begins at 8:00 am on the following dates:
  • June 22
  • June 29
  • July 6
  • July 20
  • July 27
Dates may change due to rain or an unexpected event that impacts the instructor. An email to the class will be sent in advance.
Requirements for this course.
  • All participants must be a current member of PRA and have been actively shooting with the Returning Archers for the past 4 months.
    • Archers must know their eye dominance.
    • Archers should know how to rotate their bow elbow out of the path of the bow string. Archer should not experience the bow string slapping their arm while shooting.
Objectives for this course.
  • Archers will be able to correctly perform the Y, T, W, L exercises.
  • Archers will be able to name and perform the 12 steps of the Shot Cycle.
  • Archers will be introduced to the several additional types of equipment.
    • Stretch band
    • Center stabilizers
    • Sight
    • Finger sling
Student Expectations
  • Archers are expected to arrive on time for classes.
  • Archers are expected to help take out and return equipment to the bin.
  • Archers are expected to learn the 12 step Shot Cycle.
  • Archers are expected to practice/train at home. (30 minutes/day)

If you have questions, concerns, or need clarification, please direct them to [email protected].  

8:00 am - 10:00 am

This class will meet on the following Saturday mornings from 8:00 am to 10:00 am: 6/29, 7/6, 7/13, 7/20 & 7/27. Attendance at all five classes is expected.

PRA Membership is required to enroll in this class. Students will need to have attended at least 3-4 returning archer sessions prior to attending this class. Adults only please. 


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