World Refugee Day 2024

Support Our Wartime Allies With The Gift Of Education!

This month, we celebrated the graduation of four Afghan daughters and wives from colleges and universities in the Rochester region. 

In contrast, we have surpassed 1,000 days since the Taliban forbade Afghan girls from attending school, depriving countless young minds of their right to education. 

Both "milestones" highlight the critical mission of Keeping Our Promise Inc. Our organization is dedicated to aiding Afghan refugees who served the United States, offering them a legal pathway to safety and the opportunity to start their lives anew in Rochester, NY. 

These brave individuals supported us in challenging times, and now it's our turn to stand by them in the face of gender apartheid in Afghanistan.

In 2024, our goal was to resettle 50 Afghan refugee families who served the U.S. In just 6 months, we've assisted over 47 families. 

We need your support to continue our mission. Financial assistance is crucial to help these Afghan allies start anew in Rochester, NY.

Your donation in honor of women and girls who deserve an education will directly support:

- Safe housing, food, and phone services upon arrival
- Educational resources and skilled trade training 
- Counseling and community integration services 

Every contribution, big or small, makes a significant impact. 

Your support will help us honor our commitment to those who served our country and are now facing immense challenges.

Today, on World Refugee Day, we invite you to give the gift of education to our wartime allies!

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