Rex Navarrete’s Bio

Rex Navarrete remains one of the hardest working, relatively unknown American comedian today though he’s performed alongside notable national headliners like Robin Williams, George Lopez, Russell Peters, and Ali Wong, among many others, over the past three decades. He does plan to release many more comedy albums and live concerts for streaming for his fans to enjoy. His most popular concert film, "Badass Madapaka", was filmed in front of a sold-out crowd at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. Currently he travels internationally throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada and for the US Armed Forces bringing his brand of "Pinoy" humor to a wider audience. You may have seen him on "Lopez Tonight", "Live at Gotham", "MyxTV" and "MTV Philippines". Most recently, he launched his new podcast, “The Flip Chronicles”, where he sits down with notable and not yet discovered Filipinos from around the globe in conversation. The future seems to only give him the chance to connect with a larger audience that is now finally getting the opportunity to experience the changing face of American stand-up comedy.

About Filipino Island Fest

Date: October 5, 2024

Location: Alameda Point Taxiway H

Audience: Anticipated attendance of 5,000 diverse individuals from the local community and beyond.

Objective: Filipino Island Fest aims to bring together people of all backgrounds to engage themselves in the diverse and colorful tapestry of Filipino culture. From traditional dances like the Tinikling and Singkil to contemporary performances, from mouthwatering Filipino cuisine to artisanal crafts, our event offers an immersive experience for attendees of all ages. Through vibrant performances, interactive exhibits, and culinary delights, we aim to promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of Filipino heritage and history. Filipino Island fest will provide a recurring platform fostering community engagement among local artists, businesses, and organizations.

Dinner served 6pm


Max Per Order:30

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