International Dance Workshop 2024


November 1 - 3, 2024

Tapestry Folkdance Center invites you to an incredible weekend workshop of choreographed diverse sessions and dances!

We are excited to share the full teaching schedule of dancing, plus gatherings - potlucks, culture talk & brunch, and the Saturday evening dance party with LIVE MUSIC!


Sevag Avakian: Artistic Director & Choreographer of the Sassoun Dance Ensemble in Toronto. 

BAND: Orkestar Bez Ime Orkestar Bez Ime is a long-running band from the Twin Cities focusing on the many cultures and traditional music styles of the Balkan peninsula in Eastern Europe. Members of the band: Colleen Bertsch, Scott Keever, Matt Miller, Katrina Mundinger, Natalie Nowytski, and Eric Ray.

Register for the entire weekend or individual dances and events.

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