Help us provide fencing for our Fur Babies

Please help us keep our Fur Babies Safe with a Chain Link Fence





We are seeking your help in providing a five foot tall chain link fence around our facility in order to allow our dogs room to exercise and play. Additionally this will help keep them safe from the road and coyotes which is a regional problem.

If you would like to pay the contractor that provided the estimate directly we can provide that information.

In November 2016 one of our Officers generously financed a Four Acre plot of land which will be our facility. Located in Harris County, Ga , this beautiful, peaceful, quiet, haven of rest for the dogs and veterans includes a house and an metal outbuilding which will house the dogs in training to be service dogs. We are excited about everything this property offers to include a great deal of room to exercise for the dogs, the incredible state of art kennels we will build, the indoor training facility we will build, and the housing we will build for our future service dog handlers to reside in while they are learning to be a service dog handler.

When you come through these gates you witness nature’s beauty as peace and love settle into your core as that is what we embody. Grape vines, pear and fig trees capture your vision as you also watch the playful spirit of the pups as they run, play, chase either, and come give you a check in nudge on the leg giving you their love.

Leaving the outside world temporarily behind you become totally engaged in the incredible sense of serenity and happiness. You become intertwined with nature and it’s comforting healing combined with the dogs abilities to take you to places you never anticipated. Your heart opens and your mind clears and expands.

As you watch the flames from the fire dance clearing and purging away hurt and pain you realize this had been a not only a moment but a place of healing which will greatly enrich your life making you want to come back again.

This is your sanctuary and this is Freedom Fidos

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