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My name is Ben Siwak. In honor of my bar mitzvah, I chose to do a mitzvah project.  “Mitzvah” means “good deed” in Hebrew.  Two of my favorite things are sports and Israel.  I have always felt badly for children with disabilities that can’t play sports like I can.  So, for my mitzvah project, I chose to help the Israel Sports Center for the Disabled, which combines all of these that are important to me.


          When I was in Israel this summer, I went to the ISCD to see how they help children with disabilities play sports.  I even played wheelchair basketball and ping-pong with some kids there.  I also watched some kids play tennis and swim.  It is a really cool place!  The kids that I played with love sports just like I do, so it made me feel good to help them. 


          The director of the program told me that they need more sports wheelchairs, but they are very expensive.  They cost $2500 each.  I want to help the ISCD get more so that more kids with disabilities can enjoy playing sports.  My goal is to raise $10,000 to pay for four new sports wheelchairs.  I hope that my family and friends can help me reach my goal. I am donating some of my bar mitzvah money to help too. 


Thank you for supporting my mitzvah project!


Ben Siwak


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Ben Siwak
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Karen Sher

Mazel Tov Ben. What an amazing cause you have chosen. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others. Lot's of love, the Sher Family

Karen Citow

What a wonderful project Ben! Your cousins, Jon, Karen, Ben, Emma and Harry Citow

Cathy Pratt

Great project Ben. Your friend Brodie Pratt

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