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TOOLBOX™ gives hope for a meaningful and lasting future! 

"The TOOLBOX Project... (is) a source of great optimism." ~ the Dalai Lama


TOOLBOXTM gives children access to the treasure inside:

their innate capacity for resilience, self-mastery, and empathy for self & others.

“TOOLBOX makes social-emotional strategies of great teachers

—accessible to all our teachers.” ~ Superintendent

Across school districts, approximately 90% of teachers reported using TOOLBOX to improve their own personal or work life. — (2016) UC Berkeley Implementation Study

Research shows the most important factor in building a child’s resilience is

the presence of a caring adult.

Toolbox helps adults live from the ‘inner resilience’  children most need from us.  

“(children) see how the Tools can be used because they see that I use them myself.”

- Toolbox teacher

Teachers with stronger SEL competencies have more positive relationships with students, manage their classrooms more effectively, and implement SEL programs targeted to students with greater fidelity. — Jones, Bouffard, and Weissbourd (Kappan, May 2013)

TOOLBOX helps children have self-discipline. 

TOOLBOX alters how discipline is handled in schools. It helps children see how they create their own experience and shape their relationships. When students, teachers, and families share the “common language” of TOOLBOX, self-discipline and self-mastery become the way forward. 

“I try to remind kids that your feelings are not a choice, feelings just come up.  They just ARE. It’s what you do about them that’s your choice, and TOOLBOX is trying to help  guide you in making wise choices.”  - Toolbox teacher 

TOOLBOX helps children and adults “bounce back” from the adversity of life. 

Time and time again, when we ask teachers and adults, “What do you want most for children?”, we hear the answer . . . ‘To be resilient’. TOOLBOX gives children access to their own innate capacity for resilience. It is already inside them!

 “I think TOOLBOX is really, really cool because it helps you through your problems and your sad thoughts, and I think it makes you live a better life.” ~ Toolbox Alumna 

TOOLBOX creates strong, resilient human beings

With TOOLBOX, the school becomes a safe place for young people to manage the difficulties of life with trust in their own inner resilience and the support of those around them. TOOLBOX is a trauma-informed approach that gives children ways to deal with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

“Learn the TOOLBOX. Learn ways to deal with everyday struggles . . . I tell the younger generation to learn it and take it in, because life can be so difficult or life can be good.”  ~ Toolbox Alumnus 

TOOLBOX ends the cycle of bullying

TOOLBOX™ helps students see one another, honor one another, and create a safe community of learners.  Through the use and application of the 12 Tools, schools become centers of trust and mutual respect for children. Using and practicing the Tools helps students move out of disruptive behaviors, healing themselves, their relationships, and their community.

TOOLBOX™ empowers alumni over a lifetime.

TOOLBOX is a gift that stays with a child or person for their whole lives. By introducing the Tools to children, we give them the ability to be the authors of their own story, today and every day in the future.  The lasting impact of TOOLBOX is evident in the lives of young people 8 years after they started working with the Tools.  

"Toolbox gives us tools to strive for happiness

—that altogether thing that we all strive for—

it’s in here, inside us, not out there.”      

~Toolbox Alumnus

TOOLBOX™ strengthens families.

TOOLBOX at home is a cornerstone of improving childhood wellness.  By engaging families with the common language of the Tools, students, teachers, and parents become a cohesive support system for children. Time and time again, parents thank us for illuminating, engaging, and partnering with them in their child’s social and emotional growth. 

“My son uses the Toolbox almost daily … 

We’ve incorporated a lot of its usefulness into the family.” 

~ TOOLBOX Parent

TOOLBOX™ is a Kindergarten through 6th grade program that supports children in understanding and managing their own emotional, social, and academic success. The foundation of TOOLBOX is 12 human capacities that reside within all of us. Through its simple and profound metaphor of Tools, TOOLBOX brings forward a set of skills, strategies and practices that help students access their own inner resilience at any time, in any context.

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for "A little help from my friends — let's change the world together!"
Linda Mulvany
for "A little help from my friends — let's change the world together!"
Linda Mulvany
for "A little help from my friends — let's change the world together!"
Linda Mulvany
for "A little help from my friends — let's change the world together!"

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