Josh Shipp & The One Caring Adult Tour

Every child is one caring adult away from a success story


Being a teen today is tough.

Being the parent of a teen is even tougher.

That’s why we all need a little help sometimes.

At this special event, you’ll hear from bestselling author and global youth advocate Josh Shipp (and his team of “Teen Whisperers”) who will take you inside the teen brain to give you practical insights on how to deal with those “I Give Up!” moments that every caring adult faces.

Once an at-risk foster kid himself, Josh was facing down a bleak future that was likely to include prison or homelessness—until he met the one caring adult who changed his life. Rodney, the foster parent who refused to quit on Shipp.

You’ll experience a hilarious and insightful Q&A session tackling:

        OWNERSHIP: When my teen messes up, how can I help them take ownership?

        COMMUNICATION: How do I get my teen to talk to me? They just grunt.

        TRUST: My teen blew it and lost my trust. Where do we go from here?

        BULLYING: Help! My teen is being bullied—online or face-to-face.

        DIFFICULT & AWKWARD CONVERSATIONS: Drugs. Death. Sex. Oh my.

You’ll Laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll walk away with practical tools and hope.

We hope you’ll join us.

Featuring: Josh Shipp, David Tieche, Jessie Funk, Brian Williams, and Joshua Wayne.

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