Dear Emma and Grace's Friends and Family,

For Emma's 7th birthday and for the second year in row, she has asked for donations to her own Presents Fund rather than gifts. She is very excited to work with Leah and Aaron's Presents again to see where the fund goes from here! She got to help out with a great project led by two 5th graders from Andover last year (see photos in the Gallery!) and will follow closely the projects that are made possible this year by this fund. It will continue to be a tremendous learning opportunity for her to see the generosity and creativity of other kids.

Thank you for your generosity and for celebrating with her! 100% of all of the funds raised here will be used to support project supplies!

Aaron’s Presents is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization empowering children in 8th grade and below to carry out their own ideas for projects that benefit others. The program is child-initiated, child-led, noncompetitive and accessible to any child regardless of resources, availability of parental or other adult support, disabilities and other challenges. In the process, children experience firsthand the tremendous value of their unique ideas when coupled with empathy, generosity and leadership and their power to bring people in their communities together for good.



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Barbara Silversides
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Karen Norton
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Happy Birthday Emma and Grace. Keep being the sweet and thoughtful girls that you are. I'm going to miss seeing you at school this year. It was so fun having you in York during the year. xoxox . Auntie Karen

Andi Orben
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Happy Birthday to 2 amazing sisters!

Joe Colwell
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We are so proud of you for accepting donations instead of gifts!! Way to go Emma and Grace!

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Arts & Crafts sponsored by all of you! April 11, 2016

Two 5th grade girls from Sanborn Elementary in Andover who love making arts and crafts of all kinds wanted to organize an art workshop for younger kids. We coordinated with the Lawrence Public Library, and they were excited to have the girls lead this event there after school this spring.

Emma helped them set up areas for clay, painting and drawing/card-making, and about 20 kids participated! Everyone had a lot of fun enjoyed a positive afternoon making art, chatting and connecting with other kids they didn’t know!

Thank you for making this project possible! Photos are also posted in the Gallery on Emma's Presents Fund page.

Thank you!
Leah Okimoto, Executive Director