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Help Infinite Love raise $200,000 for childhood cancer research by the end of 2017!  

When the founders of Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer's daughter Natalie Grace (then 3-years-old) was diagnosed with high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia, they felt completely helpless in her fight.  Shortly after this life-altering diagnosis, the Gorsegner's eyes were opened to some startling truths about childhood cancer, and the more and more that they discovered, the more they felt empowered to help.  

One of the things that they found out was that childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in our children, and yet research for children remains terribly underfunded (only receiving 4% of the National Cancer Institutes annual research budget).  They also learned that in over two decades only three new drugs have been developed for ANY type of childhood cancer (and there are 16 major forms with hundreds of sub-types).  The more light that was shed about childhood cancer, the more they realized that they weren't completely powerless after all.  That while they couldn't control the cancer cells in Natalie's body, they could still put up a fight against this relentless disease.  This is when Infinite Love's Will You Send Us a Dollar campaign was born.  

In April of 2013, eight months into Natalie's treatment, Natalie's mom decided to start a simple fundraiser by asking people a very simple question via her Facebook page (then known as Infinite Love for Natalie Grace)...Will You Send Us a Dollar for Childhood Cancer Research?  She had the goal of raising $50,000 by Natalie's 4th birthday that September (which is also childhood cancer awareness month), however little did she know that her post would go viral resulting in the family being sent donations from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY (even the world)!  Long story short, by Natalie's birthday those five months later, the family had raised over $100,000 where ever penny went to research!  

Fast forward to this present day and not only is Natalie a cancer survivor, but also Infinite Love has raised over a half of a million dollars to support research via some of our country's top, leading hospitals and research facilities!  The best part is that Infinite Love wants to support research for every form of childhood cancer, so each year they choose a different type of childhood cancer to focus their fundraising efforts on.  Last year the money that Infinite Love raised went towards wilms' tumor research, and this year it will be going towards parameningeal rhabdomyosarcoma in honor of forever 6-year-old Mia McCaffrey.  

While there is still so much to be discovered, funding research is vital in not only securing those desperately needed pieces to the cancer cure puzzle, but also to help researchers identify less harmful, more effective ways for treating our children.     

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