Battle of the Boo

Fright-night Open-mic

Come “strut and fret [your] hour upon the stage” at

a Halloween-inspired performance showcase for high school students and student teams. 

Performance Options

Bard and Bard-inspired performance options include
(but are NOT limited to)... 

- a monologue from any Shakespeare play 

- an original spoken-word poem or monologue
(using text from, or inspired by text from and Shakespeare play)

- a scene from any Shakespeare play

- an original, devised theatre piece
(using text from, or inspired by text from any Shakespeare play)

These are just SOME of the possible performance options, so feel free to come up with one of your own!

(a few) Guidelines

- Indie students and student teams can sign up to perform in any one, (or all four) of the options above.

Or, if you have something else in mind that we didn't think of, that's awesome. Surprise us! 

- Keep it short and sweet! (Ideally, each performance piece should be about 5 minutes long, max.)

 - And remember, it's Halloween(!) so you might want to choose a piece that's a little bit spooky, or gory, or magical, right? 

Where to look for material (and inspiration)

There are literally TONS of spooky, scary, mystical, magical monologues and scenes from Shakespeare plays to choose as performance pieces or as inspiration for original material. 

Click HERE for a list of spooky Shakespeare scenes and monologues to help you get started!


$5 for indie students or $25 for teams of up to 10 students 



or call: (773)675-9592


globe When & Where

Monday 10/30/2017

7:00PM CST

The Chicago Literacy Alliance
641 W. Lake Street, Suite 200
Chicago, Illinois 60661

pad Please Select
  •   $25.00
    Ending 10-25-2017 @ 11 pm EST
  •   $5.00
    Ending 10-25-2017 @ 12 am EST
  •   $5.00
    Ending 10-25-2017 @ 11 pm EST


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