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Hey Friends - I'm excited to announce that I'm going on a totally new kind of tour. This October, I'm going to Lebanon with Clowns Without Borders. I'll be building a show with a group of Lebanese and American artists, which we will tour in refugee camps. Lebanon hosts more Syrian refugees than any other country in the world, and over tens of thousands of other crisis émigrés from other countries, including Iraq, Sudan, Ethiopia, and neighboring Palestine.

Clowns Without Borders is a non-profit that inspires resilience through laughter by sending artists to refugee camps, conflict zones, and sites of crisis. Clowns Without Borders is providing my travel, food, and housing while on the project. I am donating my time, and hope that you will support this project with a monetary donation. Your support will go directly to the project and free up other funds for more projects.

Whether you value laughter as part of celebration, part of healing, or part of everyday life, I hope you will consider making a gift so that you can help someone else experience that joy.



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