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Vivienne's Joy Foundation is seeking funding to develop the Boyd park playground in the heart of St. Paul's historic Cathedral Hill neighborhood, and transform it into a safe and imaginative play space.

The goals of this project include:

  • Developing a play space for neighborhood children that encourage active, outdoor, and imaginative play.
  • Developing a destination park that draws visitors from other parts of the city, contributing to the economic development of the Cathedral Hill neighborhood.
  • Deepening community engagement and investment in local public spaces.
  • Increasing neighborhood safety.
  • Creating a space for the people who loved Vivie to gather and honor her joyful spirit.

We've partnered with Play by Design, a firm that specializes in a unique process that unifies and empowers communities by bringing people together to design, organize, and construct one-of-a-kind playgrounds. We are excited to use this community build model to redevelop the playground.


The creation of Vivie's Playground will be 100% funded via private donations and the build will rely 100% on volunteers. Scheduled to be built in September 2018, our budget is nearly $250,000, saving approximately 50% with the support volunteer construction labor.

Community-built projects inspire participants with a sense of ownership, so much so that the projects become a focus of community life. Volunteers describe them as the experience of a lifetime. Families who help build will return for picnics and bring out-of-town guests to share what the community accomplished together.

Our sponsorship opportunities offer more than a place to display your name or corporate logo. We will work with you to maximize the benefits you seek through your support. We've prepared a complete sponsorship package that includes a list of suggested donation amounts and various ways in which we can provide recognition. However, you are encouraged to tailor donation amounts and recognition levels to your own needs. Be Creative: Tell us how we can best fulfill your needs!

Please consider lending your heart, hands, and resources to transform this vision into a reality.


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