Global Issues Network

A world where global citizenry is championed by today’s youth.

GIN Mission

To empower young people to collaborate locally, regionally, and globally in order to create project based sustainable solutions for our shared global issues.

What We Do:

We nurture and mobilize transgenerational communities of global citizens to build a just and sustainable world.

Youth empowerment and learning are valued and nurtured every step of the way; from youth led passion driven local-global projects, to building a sustainable youth led GIN school community culture, to youth led and designed gatherings of change-makers (GIN conferences).  Together we create a communal identity that not only believes that change for the better is possible, but that students, are capable of MAKING sustainable change. We recognize we have both local and global impact.  GIN is a growing global community made up of resilient change-makers who are dedicated to solving global issues through local communal empathetic action; unencumbered by fear of failure.

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