Help Hurricane Harvey Victims


Help us help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

We have chosen to help 2 particular families that were hit hard by Hurricane Harvey.  Here are their stories:

1. Cathy makes a living running an in-home daycare for local children. Unfortunately, Hurricane Harvey destroyed her home.  Her livelihood rests on getting her home fixed as soon as possible.

Around midnight on Saturday, Cathy was awoken by one of her sons to the news that water had started to come into the home. It happened quickly, seeping in at first and eventually turning into a steady stream of floodwater. It is an extremely helpless feeling to watch water come into your home and not be able to do anything about it. They moved upstairs and watched the water rise about 2 feet into their home. The water receded Sunday morning but continued to rise back to the house as the rain continues.  Unfortunately she did not have flood insurance.

Almost everything on the first floor has been destroyed. The floors, carpets, walls, cabinets, furniture, appliances, doors, and bathroom drains all sustained damage. All of it has to be replaced now. The first things to be replaced are the floors and walls. The good news is her son-in-law is a firefighter and she is what we call a “Blue Family”.  She has an army of labor from the firefighters willing to do the hard work.  But she needs the funds to rebuild.

We are raising money to buy home depot building supplies so she can get her home and work back and help the other families who need to also get back to work by re-opening her daycare facility.

2.  Ralph is 72 years old and retired from the Army. Hannelore is 69 years old and a retired Nurse.  They have been serving their country and helping others all of their lives.

They had lived in their home for 30 years and it had never flooded (Through many hurricanes).  They did not have flood insurance as they did not live in the 100 year flood plain.   Although their home was built up they sustained 4 feet of water on their property and almost 2 feet of water in their home.  Both of their cars are lost and they will have to completely gut and rebuild their home. 

As the water was rising in their home Saturday evening they called 911 for a rescue. Unfortunately, rescue workers were inundated with similar calls.  After 12 hours without a rescue their son was able to make it to their home in a canoe and take them to safety.  (He tried for hours to get to them.  It was very difficult because everywhere he went was flooded and he couldn’t get close at all.)  For the time being they are living with their sons as they try to figure out how to rebuild.  They lost their furniture, they lost their water well that supplies the home, they need to replace all electrical outlets, sheet rock, cabinets, etc.   They are hoping FEMA will come in and help but it has been very slow getting help from the government.  Their initial FEMA payment was $150.00.  They have been unable to get any information on future assistance.

This is a significant burden for a retired couple on a fixed income.  They are overwhelmed on how to rebuild after Harvey.

We are raising funds for rebuilding supplies and household items lost from their first floor.


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