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Every Month we schedule one or two special events for therapy teams to serve the community in small groups.  Check out what we're doing this month and next!   Sign up to participate!

HOPE squad at Roy Junior High School

This event will be presented by the HOPE team, the suicide prevention squad, to help students learn effective ways of relieving stress. You may park in the southeast parking lot and staff will let us in the southern-most entrance by the library.

There will be a separate room inside for any cat teams that want to come.

We will meet with the HOPE team students in the library at the beginning to explain to them the right way to meet a dog and what stress signals we watch for (and to have some time with the dog). We will have an adult and Hope team member with each TAU team for crowd control, and controlled access to the library. Teams can spread out along the back wall of the library, and a few students at a time can meet with the animals.
This will be a great teaching opportunity for the students to learn from our dogs and cats about how they express and handle their own stress, and the things we do to help them. The staff is very enthusiastic and will be present with each team, students will be limited to about 5 per team per time session, the places we will be meeting are very controlled and quiet, and the students are as predictable as teenagers can be, so Predictable teams may attend. As always, your most important job is to take care of your animal, so if they show undue stress you are encouraged to make a graceful exit and don't think you have to stay. We want every event to be mutually beneficial! We would like at least 5 teams (10 would be ideal).
High School Staff in charge: Anndee Hoskin
TAU Leader in charge: Vickie King
Please feel free to call Vickie, Joanna, Debbie for more information.

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Wednesday 01/24/2018

10:45AM MST


12:30PM MST

Roy Junior High School
5400 South 2100 West
Roy, UT 84067

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