It is human nature to take for granted those elements of our lives that are most critically important. These would include our health, our family, and our freedoms. Unfortunately, by the time we figure out how important they are, it’s often too late. As business and community leaders, we are asked to support many worthy causes, especially those related to finding cures for diseases. I believe the greatest “disease” is the failure of America and its youth to understand the enormous benefits derived from our personal, political, and economic freedoms. Our economy performs better when its participants are well-informed. We make decisions that enhance resource allocation, and thus contribute to rising efficiency, productivity, and living standards.  It generates the resources that can find the cures for diseases. The promise for the future of our economic freedoms is education!

I believe anyone who has participated and benefited from the gifts of freedom and the free market capitalistic society has a duty to see that it is perpetuated. It is this belief that has led me to become involved with the Michigan Council on Economic Education (MCEE).  MCEE strives to impact our children in the most cost-effective way possible, by training teachers. Over its history, MCEE has quietly gone about training thousands of teachers who have, in turn, reached hundreds of thousands of Michigan schoolchildren…the ultimate multiplier effect. 
Very simply, it is this free market economy that has not only created the wealthiest nation in history, but done so for the masses and redefined the definition of “the poor” in the United States, as compared to the rest of the world. The Council believes that to be successful in our free-enterprise system and in the ever-changing global economy, each person needs a command of the analytic tools of economic reasoning, as well as a high level of personal financial literacy. Some entities exist to throw a life raft to people financially adrift, we exist to make sure they never fall in the water in the first place.

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