Year-End Appeal

Dear Friends:

As a member of the Executive Board of the NY Race Track Chaplaincy and a long-time volunteer and supporter, I invite you to step inside the office of the NY Race Track Chaplaincy where the harsh realities and challenges of life on the backstretch are starkly evident. You will find our chairs are filled by those patiently waiting to be heard as they face any number of difficult or frustrating circumstances. The first person may be facing eviction, and the next may be in need of food or clothing. The next may need assistance with a visa application or have questions about a path to citizenship. An injured worker may need help with a  workers’ compensation hearing. A father with a sick child may need a translator to speak with a pharmacist, or may not be able to afford needed medication. A mother may need diapers for her baby or a ride to the doctor.  Parents may need a translator to assist at a school conference.  


While we have helped so many, we are keenly aware of the unmet need on the track. Will you help us to grow in our mission and to better serve the backstretch community and their families?


The NY Chaplaincy does not employ a fundraiser, a spokesperson, or a development staff. You are hearing directly from us, and if you choose to contribute, you are contributing directly to us. Your contribution goes straight to work, and impacts lives in a very direct way. I can speak firsthand to the benefit of the work of the Chaplaincy. When I sustained my injury, the Chaplaincy was there for me emotionally and spiritually,  and with your help we could be there for many more.


Whether you are able to help financially, or with your time and talents, we need you. We ask you to partner with us, learn with us, and serve with us. Whether we have known you for years or this is your first introduction to the Chaplaincy, we are praying you will give us the opportunity to allow us to get to know you better, and for you to find your place with us.  


Please use the links to donate or volunteer and join us on a journey that will change your life even more than it changes those we serve.  We pray we will hear from you soon.


God Bless You,

Ramón  Dominguez, Hall of Fame Jockey

Executive Member, Board of Directors, NY Race Track Chaplaincy

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