While birthdays are our  main focus throughout the year, we are jumping into action to ensure that this holiday season there is not one child in foster care who goes without opening a gift. We were made aware that some of the children in our local foster care system fall through the cracks when it comes to being "sponsored" for the holidays. Because of the eagerness of many of you to help, we asked what the greatest need was and plan to meet it! We will be collecting gifts for young people in foster care to be given during the holiday season. Just like on birthdays, we want kids who are already experiencing loneliness during the season to know that they are worthy. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to incorporate giving traditions into your family and groups that you are involved with. 

There are several ways to get involved. Use the buttons above to get more information and register! 

  1. Make a donation! We are a completely volunteer organization so be assured that your donation will go directly towards a gift for a child who otherwise would not be celebrated. 
  2. Volunteer - choose this option if you want to shop for gifts to be given this holiday season! You can shop by visiting our Amazon Wishlist ( or by downloading our shopping list (it should be available once you click the Volunteer button). If you purchase gifts from the shopping list, they will need to be dropped off at a drop off location (locations can be found here) between November 27th and December 2nd. Make sure to register by clicking Volunteer and submitting your information so that we know we can count on you to shop for us!

Thankgiving Giving Ideas: 

  • Encourage everyone coming to your family's Thanksgiving dinner to bring an item on our shopping list! 
  • Get your group involved! Send out the link to this information to your work, church or community group.
  • Designate an area at your workplace for donations and get everyone excited about giving as they count down the days to Thanksgiving! 
  • Have an upcoming meeting or holiday gathering for a group you're involved with? Send out our shopping list and ask that everyone bring a gift to the gathering to donate to our organization. 
  • Get your kids involved! Kids love giving back and allows them to learn about the importance of gratitude and giving! 

Thank you so much for getting involved! Make sure to share your plan to get involved with friends and ask them to join you in giving back! 

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