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The Property

The Property - Satellite View

Property located at 401 W. Boughton Road, Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA

The Property - Key Points

  • Property is well over $3 Million market value
  • Obtained in an Auction at $1.2 Million (including all fees)
  • Greater than 60% below market value
  • Total Land area about 3.34 Acres
  • Building Size 26,161 Square Feet
  • Parking Spaces 162
  • On major road in Bolingbrook – Boughton Rd.
  • Direction of Qibla allows for the whole facility to be used for Salah as the community grows
  • Land unused on Boughton for future commercial development as waqf or parking as needed
  • Ample parking and commercial zoning make it easy for religious use

The Propety - Planned Use

Al-Furqaan Foundation Headquarters and Quran Distribution Center

  • Move existing operations from Furqaan Academy building in Bolingbrook
  • Consolidate inventory of over 200 pallets of Quran, Quran Translations in many languages and Dawah books to one centralized location
  • Increase printing and Distribution of Quran from about 100K/printing to 500K/printing

  • Starting with about 100-200 capacity to grow as needed
  • Focus on Youth – Khutbas, lectures, talks and all activities for the youth
Youth Center

  • Indoor and Outdoor Basketball court
  • Table Tennis and Pool Tables
  • Gaming area (PlayStation, Xbox, etc.)
  • Workout/Fitness Facility
  • Cafeteria Area
  • Separate times for Boys and Girls
Dawah Center

  • As a dawah organization a proper presentation hall will be dedicated to lectures and meetings for Non-Muslims along with a dedicated staff for interacting with Non-Muslims
  • Free fully stocked QURAN and Dawah material kiosks will be available for Non-Muslim visitors
Islamic Bookstore

  • Currently already have a store online ( with over 4000 products
  • Utilize front area for a walk-in non-profit bookstore for books and other Islamic items (No such store in over 20-30 mile radius)
  • Supports the Foundation and its activities
Islamic Library

  • Dedicate a portion of the front for a well stocked Islamic Library for the general public (Muslim and Non-Muslim)
  • Will be the first Public Islamic Library in the state, possibly USA
Funeral Home

  • Insha’Allah planned in the future next to the Masjid area
  • No Muslim facility for this within a 20-30 mile radius 

  • A fully stocked Audio / Visual Studio for use by the Muslim Community
  • Production of Dawah videos for Non-Muslims
  • Satellite studio for other Islamic Studios like Guide US T.V. or The Deen Show
Quran Recycling

  • Currently providing services to a few Masajid in Chicago
  • Expand scope to nationwide – state by state – utilizing a portion for Recycling Quran and other Islamic books back to the Prisons and other venues
Pertinent Details

  • Won Auction on November 15th  
  • Total Due at Closing on December 17th = $1,200,000  
Total Due: $1,200,000
Both donations and Qard-Hassan are accepted, please see the top of the page for progress.

Please Donate Generously to make this project a reality
May Allah reward you and bless you and your family

Short Term and Long Term Plan


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Progress Adjustments

  • Cash donation - $200 - Dec 11, 2017

  • Credit card donation - $3000 - Dec 11, 2017

  • Sr. Bushra, cash donation - $500 - Dec 11, 2017

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