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The Gift of Healing for the Family of Senquez Jackson

On March 19, 2016, a Cedar Rapids family experienced the unimaginable loss of their son and brother, Senquez Jackson, who died as the result of an accidental shooting. Senquez was fifteen years old and a freshman at Washington High School. His death continues to weigh heavily on the hearts of those who knew and loved him as they struggle to adjust to life without him. The healing for this family will be a long process.

Senquez’s family (his mom and three siblings) have been invited by the Iowa Donor Network to honor Senquez, an organ donor, on the 2019 Donate Life Rose Bowl Parade float. Senquez will be one of 60 organ donors represented on the float with a floragraph – a portrait made of floral materials. His family will help with the completion of the float in the final days before the parade. More importantly, they will meet and spend time with others who have experienced the same devastating loss of a loved one all the while celebrating the gift of life that was made possible as a result of that loss. Families who have had the opportunity to experience this event, talk about the bonding, healing and sense of hope that transpires.

We are raising money to make this incredible, once in a lifetime experience possible for Tammy and her three children: Maleik, TJ, and Tamera. There certainly is no easy way to heal the loss that Tammy and her children have experienced. And while participation in the Donate Life Rose Parade Float will not be a miraculous fix, it undoubtedly will aid in the process. It will be a chance for the family to share their story of Senquez, to mourn for him with people who can relate to their loss, and to honor his life and the gift he gave to save the lives of others.

If you prefer not to pay by credit card, please send a check made out to “Iowa Donor Network – Jackson Family Fund” to the address below. All donations will receive a tax receipt from Iowa Donor Network. 

Jackson Family Fund

PO Box 1583

Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

If you have any questions about this fundraiser or would like to help, please contact Jillian Knutson.

Phone: 319-573-1021



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