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"Whoever builds a Masjid for (the sake of) Allah, be it small or large, then Allah will build a house for him in Paradise."

(Tirmidhi - 319)

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The Property

The Property - Satellite View

Property located at 401 W. Boughton Road, Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA

The Property - Key Points

  • Property is well over $3 Million market value
  • Obtained in an Auction at $1.2 Million (including all fees)
  • Greater than 60% below market value
  • Total Land area about 3.34 Acres
  • Building Size 26,161 Square Feet
  • Parking Spaces 162
  • On major road in Bolingbrook – Boughton Rd.
  • Direction of Qibla allows for the whole facility to be used for Salah as the community grows
  • Land unused on Boughton for future commercial development as waqf or parking as needed
  • Ample parking and commercial zoning make it easy for religious use

The Property - Planned Use

Al-Furqaan Foundation Headquarters and Quran Distribution Center

  • Move existing operations from Furqaan Academy building in Bolingbrook
  • Consolidate inventory of over 200 pallets of Quran, Quran Translations in many languages and Dawah books to one centralized location
  • Increase printing and distribution of Quran from about 100K/printing to 500K/printing (

  • 313 initial capacity - to grow as needed
  • Focus on Youth – Khutbas, lectures, talks and all activities for the youth
  • Building is oriented in such a way that we can scale the Masjid to cover the whole building as the community grows.
Youth Center
  • Indoor and Outdoor Basketball court
  • Table Tennis and Pool Tables
  • Gaming area (PlayStation, Xbox, etc.)
  • Workout/Fitness Facility
  • Cafeteria Area
  • Separate times for Boys and Girls
Dawah Center

  • As a dawah organization a proper presentation hall will be dedicated to lectures and meetings for Non-Muslims along with a dedicated staff for interacting with Non-Muslims
  • Free fully stocked QURAN and Dawah material kiosks will be available for Non-Muslim visitors
Islamic Bookstore

  • Currently already have a store online ( with over 4000 products
  • Utilize front area for a walk-in non-profit bookstore for books and other Islamic items (No such store in over 20-30 mile radius)
  • Supports the Foundation and its activities
Islamic Library
  • Dedicate a portion of the front for a well stocked Islamic Library for the general public (Muslim and Non-Muslim)
  • Will be the first Public Islamic Library in the state, possibly USA
Funeral Home

  • Insha’Allah planned in the future next to the Masjid area
  • No Muslim facility for this within a 20-30 mile radius 

  • A fully stocked Audio / Visual Studio for use by the Muslim Community
  • Production of Dawah videos for Non-Muslims
  • Satellite studio for other Islamic Studios like Guide US T.V. or The Deen Show
Quran Recycling – 1st Quran Recycling facility in the USA

  • Currently providing services to a few Masajid in Chicago (
  • Expand scope to nationwide – state by state – utilizing a portion for Recycling Quran and other Islamic books back to the Prisons and other venues

Phased Approach

"You will never achieve righteousness until you donate some of what you cherish. And whatever you give is certainly well known to Allah.”
(Quran - 3:92)

"Charity does not diminish wealth..."
(Tirmidhi - 2029)

Please donate generously as a SADAQA Jariyah.
ZAKAT is accepted only to pay off debt.

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