Tax Workshop for Dance Artists

with Treehouse Taxes

Mon, Feb 12, 6:30-8pm

Join Matt and Jaime from Oakland-based Treehouse Taxes as they walk through the complexities (and simplicities) of filing taxes as an independent contractor or sole proprietor.

Topics will include:

  • What is taxable income? (1099's vs W-2's, Venmo, Kickstarter, and other types of income)
  • How to treat money received from a fiscal sponsor?
  • What expenses are deductible? (from Accounting costs to Zip car rental)
  • Should I pay quarterly estimated taxes and how do I figure out how much?
  • The ugly stuff and how to avoid it (penalties, interest, liens, etc.)
  • Should I file on my own? Yes! no? Maybe.

There will be time built into the workshop to answer your specific questions, too.

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