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Bastion is an intentionally designed neighborhood in New Orleans for returning warriors and families. Through our powerful community model which incubates meaningful relationships that endure for a lifetime, we will sustain a thriving recovery from the wounds and casualties of war. 

Phase 1 of Bastion is complete and 100% leased up with 73 residents with over 196 years of combined military service. The progress we've made has been remarkable, but there is still work to be done... 

Bastion broke ground on January 2, 2018 for Phase 2 construction that will build an additional 20 homes for warriors and their families. Please consider being a part of Building Bastion and take pride in knowing you are the reason the first intentional community in the nation for warriors and their families was built. 

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Mary J Marks - William L Marks - Col. William L Marks II ( Ret 3rd ID)

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Stephanie and David Barksdale - Jeanne and John Baxter - Jane and Greg Bensel - Carol and Al Bienvenue - Joy and Boysie Bollinger - Pam Vitrano and Peter Boylan - Cathy and Gary Brewster - Elizabeth and Peyton Bush - Ben Butler - Adrienne and Archie Casbarian - Jenny and John Charpentier - Ann and Guy Cook - Erin and Michael Cook - Mathilde and Richard Currence - Christy and Aaron Dirks - Karen and Perry Eastman - Pia and Malcolm Ehrhardt - Celeste and Curtis Eustis - Catherine and Semmes Favrot - Janet and Thomas Favrot, Jr. - Lauren and Bryan Fitzpatrick - Melinda Flynn - Terry and Mike Fontham - Jenny Lemoine and Byron Forrest - Courtney and Louis Freeman - Mary and Joel Funderburk - Anne and Billy Goliwas - Julie and David Gooch - Ginger and Wally Gundlach - Kristen and Andre Hooper - Jennifer and Ben Kadden - Katie and Kyle Kalmes - Colleen and John Kotts - Marley and Michael LeBourgeois - Catherine and Luke Lemoine - Rebecca and Dan Lester - Haley and Aaron Maples - Kenya and Quentin Messer - Claudia and Cleland Powell - Erica and James Reiss - Julia Lennox and Rick Rizzo - Michelle and Lamar Villere - Anne and Sandy Villere - Michael Whelan - Ginny and Adam Wirth


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