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The Devo U14 group is for middle schoolers interested in continuing to build skills and ability on the bike. Although these youth may still be interested in other sports, this group is more serious than Junior Devo. The U14’s meet more often and have the option of traveling to races and going on camping/riding trips with their coaches.  Racing is not mandatory. Promoting the sport in a fun environment and learning skills is still the overall goal of U14. The season is broken into 3 parts with 3 highlights for each season:

Spring: Top Secret Training Camp!

Summer: summer trip plus more options for racing!

Fall: the U14 Fall adventure trip!

2nd Avenue Sports gives the U14 and U19 teams discounts for all riders on the teams.

The U14 DRP Add-On is for riders looking to hone the craft of racing mountain bikes. The DRP practices are geared towards training for team race events. The DRP Add-On adds around 30 days (depending racing schedule) of practice to the normal U14 schedule and continues through the summer race season (hence the higher price). If you choose to add on the DRP practices, the Monday U14 practices are still mandatory. U14 riders who want to register for DRP need a coaches prior approval (either Chad, Lee, or Ziggy). Please don't register for DRP without talking to a coach FIRST.

Contact Chad Cheeney ( for more information!

U14 Devo Race Program (DRP) Add-On (Co-Ed)

This is the registration for the U14 DRP Add-On! U14 RIDERS NEED COACH APPROVAL TO REGISTER FOR THE U14 DRP ADD-ON! Please don't register for the DRP add-on without talking to a U14 coach about it first! The Devo Race Program (DRP) is a co-ed group which practices on Wednesdays, Fridays, and some Saturdays (schedule permitting). Coaches for DRP are Chad Cheeney, Kelsey Lundberg, and Vick Rudolph, plus an impressive list of local pros as guest coaches. Because U14 and DRP both practice at the same time on Wednesdays, U14 riders participating in DRP will have the option to do either practice. The U14 DRP registration is discounted to take this into account. The discount of $140 is the equivalent of only paying for one day of regular U14 practice per week, instead of two. The DRP season adds around 30 practices and several out of town race trips to the normal U14 schedule, which explains the higher pricing. For more information, contact Chad Cheeney at

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Download: Waivers

Please download if you would like to have a hard copy of Devo's Liability Release, Medical Release, Media Release, Personal Responsibility Waiver and Code of Conduct for your records. Electronic acceptance of the terms of this document must be provided below to complete registration.



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