Devo Explorers Spring 2018 Registration

One ride at a time!



The Devo Explorers are a  middle school-high school weekly program for riders looking to learn the fundamentals of mountain biking in a non-competitive environment. This is one of our fastest growing programs, and is always a blast! Contact Jon Bailey at 970-749-4223 or Nan Cresto ( for more information about joining the Devo Explorers!

The Devo Explorers have two different options:

  1. The Ramblers group is for riders age 6th grade and up. Ramblers is for those kids who are newer to the Explorers group and don’t have as much experience camping or bikepacking.

  2. The Trailblazers group is for high schoolers or 8th graders with previous explorer experience.

The goal of the program is to learn how to use bikes as tools for exploring and self-sufficiency (touring, commuting, bike building, etc). Each session ends with a self-supported camping/touring trip the heart of the Southwest. There is a Spring Session, and a Fall session. Each rider is responsible to get their bikes ready for the Explorer trip. Depending on the bike and gear availability, a rack and panniers may need to be purchased. Durango Cyclery is the Explorer shop and gives discounts to all Explorer families.

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