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The Devo Flyers group is for competent riders aged 6th-12th grade. Riders in 6th or 7th grade will need to talk to a coach to see if the program is fitting. For the safety of both coaches and riders, any riders new to the Flyers program MUST have completed at LEAST one year of either a U14 or U19 program. If you're not sure if the Flyers group is right for you, please talk to either Chad Cheeney ( or Rob Nichols ( BEFORE registering for this program. Coaches for the Flyers are Aubrey Volger, Rob Nichols, Max Bechtold, and Grant Gibbson.

In the first few weeks of practice, the Flyers program will split into two groups based on experience so that all riders are learning and riding in a safe and fun environment.

The Flyers focus on gravity oriented bike sports and learn the ins and outs of Enduro, DH, dirt-jumping, and more. This group is all about big air, big tires, and having fun in the down-hill direction! Racing is NOT required for the regular Flyers program. Just having fun is the name of the game!

Depending on need and popularity, Devo may add a Thursday or Saturday practice to the schedule. These additional practices are TBD, but look for some lift runs at Purg during the summer!

The Flyers Devo Race Program (DRP) Add-On is for riders looking to hone the craft of racing mountain bikes. The DRP practices are geared towards training for team race events. The DRP Add-On adds around 30 days (depending racing schedule) of practice to the normal Flyers schedule and continues through the summer race season (hence the higher price). If you choose to add on the DRP practices, the regular Flyers practices are still mandatory. Flyers riders who want to register for DRP need a coaches prior approval (either Chad, Rob, or Aubrey). Please don't register for DRP without talking to a coach FIRST. This program is for Flyers who want to get more involved in racing DH and enduros. 

Contact Rob Nichols ( or Chad Cheeney ( for more information!

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